Cotton Candy Fuel Fragrance


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Cotton Candy Fuel Fragrance is easy to use. Just pour into your fuel tank/container at the correct ratios, add your fuel and away you go with the fumes coming out of your exhaust making everyone try and work out where that sweet smell is coming form. You can also mix up the fragrances to make your own combination.

Please note that the fragrance will be reduced if used in a vehicle with a catalytic Converter


1 x 4oz (118ml) Bottle will treat the following:

30-55 gallons (135-247 litres) Alcohol Fuel (methanol/nitro-methane) This is what is used in Radio Controlled Planes, cars, boats.

10-20 gallons (45-90 litres) Petrol

5-10 gallons (23-45 litres) Diesel

You can increase your mixture to strengthen the fragrance. Please do not forget to mix well, if you are adding directly to your fuel tank. It is best to add the Fuel Fragrance before the fuel.


  • Combustible
  • Not for human consumption
  • When used in a Two Stroke Engine, please note it is not a replacement for two stroke oil
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • See warning on back of every bottle


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