Power Plus Cherry Top Lube (Eliminated Fuel Washdown)


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Product Description


This product is for those Alcohol Fuel users who have suffered from Fuel washdown and or want to prevent it. We all know how temperamental these motors are but this top lube gives you “the unfair advantage”. It prevent Fuel washdown which is caused by to much fuel going into the cylinder heads and washing the lubrication off either the pistons or the rings, thus causing the engine to either seize or the pistons to pick up.

  • This product gives superior lubrication, reduces wear and increases performance
  • This top lube is slightly Cherry scented but if you want the full effect you need to add the Cherry Bomb Fuel Fragrance.
  • Blends 100% with all Alcohol and nitro fuels
  • This product blends red for easy identification
  • Each bottle has a measurement scale on the side for ease of mixing


Add entire contents of bottle16fl.oz. (.473 liters) to 55 gallons( 247.5 liters) of fuel. For easier mixing add to the fuel container before filling. Agitate in necessary. All instructions are on each bottle.


  • Combustible
  • Not for human consumption
  • When used in a Two Stroke Engine, please note it is not a replacement for two stroke oil
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • See warning on back of every bottle

Happy motoring.


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