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    Hi All, just quick update on new products that Cool Fuels are bringing in from the USA. We will have in the next week or so a smaller bottle of Fuel Fragrance which is 2oz (60 ml). This is to suit the Radio Control customers as 1 bottle will mix approximately 100 litres of RC fuel. Please note that there are only two fragrances in this size bottle.

    We also have LHP ( Liquid Horse Power ) coming in with this new shipment. This is just Power in a Bottle! What it does is increase the Octane of your fuel. So the fuel you buy from your garage is normally 95 Octane, so what LHP does is increase the Octane from 95 to 105! What this does is not only give you extra power but it increases your fuel consumption and reduces the CO2 emissions.

    If you are looking for that edge over your competitors or your mates then this is your secret weapon.

    “If you are racing please make sure that you are allowed to use additives and fuel enhancers.”

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